A Voluntary Grammar School places increased responsibility for education on local communities and the governance is overseen by the Board of Governors. The Board is ultimately responsible for the management and performance of a Voluntary Grammar School for its pupils.

The Board is comprised of persons appointed in line with each school’s scheme of management (usually trustees or foundation governors) along with representatives of parents and teachers and, in most cases, members appointed by the Department of Education. A school Principal normally sits on the Board in an ex-officio capacity.

To find current Governor vacancies please visit the Public Appointments page.
The latest Guide to Governor Roles and Responsibilities is available here.

Training Modules and Resources for School Governors

The EA Learning Portal Area for School Governors contains various online learning opportunities to support you in your role.

Your account lets you access documents, videos, discussions and any communications from one secure place.

The GBA has developed a training module specifically for new Voluntary Grammar School Governors. This is also available on the training portal.

Links and login information are contained in the Board of Governor Training Programme which is available from your Principal or by contacting the GBA.

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